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Do You Have Wood to Donate to Our Club?

Do you have a beloved tree that you hate to see go but you need to cut it down for fire protection?  Or maybe a tree your grandfather planted, and the arborist suggests cutting it down for safety?  Or maybe you or your neighbor is cutting down an interesting tree?  Or maybe you just saw an ad for a pile for free wood? 

Gold Country Woodturners would appreciate your help!  We are always looking for special and unique wood to rescue and create one of a kind pieces of art.  If you know someone who is removing a tree, we are happy to take some or all of the larger pieces. We can coordinate with whomever is cutting down the tree.  For insurance reasons, we cannot fell the tree but we can cut/harvest after the tree is down.  If possible, please give us a week or more lead time so we can gather volunteer club members. For special or unique wood, we are happy to return a one-of-a-kind turned art piece as a thank-you.

We will ask you for contact information, wood species (walnut, olive, dutch elm, etc.) and providing a picture wouldn't hurt.  Note: We normally do not need pine, fir or other soft wood.

We welcome volunteer members to help harvest wood and prepare blanks (for bowls, vases, pepper grinders, etc.).  We especially appreciate members who have equipment (chain saw, band saw, truck).

Contact Beth Gilliam

Cell: 925-822-5433


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