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Woodturning Education Programs

A core purpose of the club is to lift the woodturning capabilities of our members and  the community, both youths and adult.  We do that with:

  • Demonstrations at monthly club meetings 
  • On-call mentors to work individually with those new to woodturning
  • A course in Basic Woodturning for new turners
  • Full day workshops on specialized woodturning subjects
  • Scheduled member use of our woodturning workshop with at least 4 fully equipped lathe workstations
  • "Shavings Sessions" with a loose or open agenda to discuss individual turners interests and issues

See the Events page for upcoming educational opportunities.   

Meeting Demonstrations and Club Workshops

The club education program includes presentation to larger groups of one of a kind subjects of interest to members at meetings or separate scheduled events.

  •          Demonstration of a project and/or technique at the monthly meeting.
  • Highly skilled and/or professional demonstrators are engaged on occasion for all day programs
  • All day workshops on specific topics, typically offering repeats and "rotations" to allow attending a morning and afternoon session for example.
  • Sharing similar events with our turning partners in the NorCal Woodturners

Planning for these events is led by Bill Juhl  <>

Club Educational Equipment and Portable Shop

The club has four midi lathe workstations that are portable, a Wolverine based sharpening station, and a basic set of tools for member workshops and turning education.

  • The equipment is to be housed in our 12' box trailer, complete with racks, storage shelves, and all of our equipment
  • Equipment
    - Rikon 70-1420VSR midi lathes, 12" throw, 20" between centers
    - Accessories for each include: drive center, long and short tool rests, SuperNova 11 chuck, tailstock live center set, bottle stopper jig, caliper set, awl, tape measure, 
    - 3/8 bowl gouge and spindle gouge, parting tool, 1" roughing gouge, 1" skew, 1" round nose scraper


Coaches  are available by appointment for general turning coaching and advice within their special areas of interest:  Click here for a list of coaches.

Funding and Administration of Educational Programs

Bill Juhl  < is responsible for funding, demonstrations, workshops and overall program planning.

  • Funding assistance is always needed and appreciated to run our programs. They are directed at serving adults and youth in our communities.  
  • We always have unmet needs for equipment, wood and supplies to carry out our education goals.

A  501-c3 non-profit organization dedicated to education of members and the community

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