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Description of Carl Jacobsen Demo – Basket Illusion – Nov. 15, 2017

The main demo was to create a hollow for basket illusion.  The steps in the demo were to turn a hollow form, and then use a beading tool to evenly bead the outside of the form from the opening to the tenon. He then attached an indexing wheel to the lathe spindle and used a pin to index the form while using a burning tool to make lines, again from the lip of the opening to the tenon. The burning tool rests on a platform in the tool rest to keep the burner even with the lathe centerline. The purpose of the lines is two-fold. One to create the basket weave effect and second, to prevent bleeding of the ink he used to color the basket. He used a fine brush pen to add the colors.  The main steps are pictured below. Hover over the image to see description and click to view full size.

Finished Basket Illusions                             Step 1 - Turn Hollow Form

   Step 2 - Add Beads  Step 3 - More Beads  Beading Tools

      Step 4 - Mark Out Beads                                     Step 5 - Add Color

The second demo he did was to turn dried paint and use it like a cabochon in a small turned object. Carl and his wife both worked in the truck manufacturing plant, and figured out that paint overspray collecting on the equipment frame could be turned to reveal swirls of colors.

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