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Under Construction.  

This requires some thought as to how to organize all the info contained in the old site.   Any body have ideas??

Below is a compendium of techniques and projects acquired over the years, many as handouts from club demos. 


Bowl Gouge and Scraper Sharpening:  Bill Juhl  

Sharpening Woodturning Tools - by Bill Juhl 2014 

Sharpening Basic Woodturning Tools - Jerry Hall  May 6, 2017 Sharpening Workshop

Followup notes from Jerry Hall Sharpening Workshop May 6, 2017

Sharpening Class Student Handout - Used in August 2018 Workshop (Jerry Hall author)


Finishes for Woodturning:  Bill Juhl handout from 9/23/2015 workshop.

Russ's Corner:   Everything you want to know about finishing is here.  

Don Comer: finishing for woodturners.  Another good reference on finishing.


Alan Leland, spindle turning: tools and techniques. 

Allan Batty  woodturning notes.  Very informative 

Guide to a Turners Startup Woodturning Shop for under $1000

Turners Reference Guide which describes basic tool,  their use and sharping guidelines and lots of other turning tidbits.

Jim Cochrun's Pen Making Guide, Suppliers, and Tool/Items list

Arnie Lund August 2018 Demo - Disk Vase

Ed Larson - Shallow Lidded Box - Sept. 2018 Shaving Session

Bill Juhl -  Making Kitchen Utensils Bill's Slides:  Video of Bill Presentation   - May 27, 2020 Meeting Demo via Zoom

Ed Larson - Crush Grind Mills - Blank  preparation and Drilling holes - Sept. 2020        PDF 's of Slides used in Zoom

Handouts from David Ellsworth's demonstration of October 2019 (Sharpening jig setup, interior and exterior cuts diagramed, outline of David's workshops, hollowing tools, etc.).

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