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Club Contacts: Officers, Activity Leads & Coaches

Please address all general inquiries or club correspondence to Gold Country Woodturners President:  Randy Panos   

Or Email:

2019 Officers & Directors:

  • President: Randy Panos   530-477-8071   Nevada City
  • Vice President: Steve Danner   408-427-4590  Nevada City
  • Treasurer:  Karin Paustell    530-470-6014  Nevada City, CA         
  • Secretary:  Edson Holmes 530-274-9852  Grass Valley, CA 
  • Directors: 
  •  Karl Miller  530-432-2402  Penn Vally
  •  Tim Cacy    530-273-0058 Grass Valley
  • Dave Peters      530-615-4362    Penn Valley  
  • Jack Smith   
  • William Swingle 530-802-2112  Nevada City
  • Jack Johnson    530-272-4559  Grass Valley                    
  • Jim Cochrun     530-615-1409    Penn Valley                    

Special Activity Leads

  •  Membership & Roster Updates      Jim Cochrun 530-615-1409  
  • News, events, photos                            Bill Juhl  530-263-6602
  • Web Master                                            Ed Larson 530-582-8521    
  • Library:                                                    Edson Holmes   530-274-9852    
  • Tool & Trailer Coordinator:             Edson Holmes
  • Refreshments:                                       Karin Paustell
  • Photos:                                                      Dave Nelson
  • Fair Coordinator:                                 Dave Peters
  • Empty Bowls:                                         Steve Danner
  • Scholarship Coordinator:                 Bill Juhl  
  • Picnic Coordinator:                             Randy Panos
  • Christmas Party Coordinator:        TBA
  • Club/Pro Demonstrations:               Bill Juhl
  • Audio/Video Coordinator:               Carlos Angulo


Coaches are available,  for lessons, problem solving, tool trials, or any other woodturning matter.   They love to hear from newbies, experienced turners ... the whole lot.   They each have debts to pay from the long time turners they learned from that they can only take care of by "paying it forward" .  Feel free to contact them and set up a time.  Coaching is normally done in the coaches shop.

Non-members interested in trying out woodturning one on one to see if it is of interest are welcome as well.

  • Bill Juhl 530-263-6602   Nevada City    Bowls, natural edge bowls, harvesting wood, burls, sharpening, tool selection, lathes
  • Carlos Angulo  916-765-8525   Nevada City  Bowls, natural edge bowls
  • Phil Sargent  916-789-1172   Roseville  Bowls, natural edge bowls, wing bowls, embellishing, balls, tool use
  • Tom Castaldo  916-791-7544   Granite Bay  Christmas ornaments are his main thing, but he does it all.   Segmented among others.
  • Neal Devore  916-253-7208      Lincoln  Bowls, platters, pocket mirrors
  • Jerry Hall 530-913-8614               Lincoln  Sharpening, bowls, boxes, beginning turners 
  • Ed Larson   530-582-8521        Truckee   Bowls, tool handles, boxes, sharpening, coring
  • Arnie Lund    530-346-2513    Colfax   Bowls
  • Dave Peters   530-615-4362    Penn Valley  Tops, use of skew
  • Jim Cochrun  530-615-1409        Penn Valley                 Pens
  • Karl Miller  530-432-2402     Penn Valley  Bowls

A  501-c3 non-profit organization dedicated to education of members and the community

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